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Hello! It's nice to meet you. I'm Joanna, a games artist and user researcher - feel free to call me Jojo! I recently graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Interactive Media and Game Design and a minor in East Asian Languages and Cultures.

I've wanted to make games ever since I was a kid, and really enjoy learning as much as I can about the different components of the development pipeline, whether it may be dabbling in art, monitoring playtests, or empowering teams to be the best they can be! Check out my resumes and the projects sections to see what I've been working on :)


Outside of games, you can find me tending to my ever-growing garden, attempting full combos in rhythm games, and looking at photos of Siberian cats.

Past Clients: Kitty on Fire Records, Banana Bird Studios, LLC., Northway Games

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Scholarship recipient from:

Some of my favorite games include...

  • Tales of Symphonia (my first game <:)

  • The Last Story

  • Fire Emblem Path of Radiance

  • Tales of Arise

  • Xenoblade Chronicles

Currently, I'm playing...

  • Monarch

  • Scarlet Nexus

  • Fire Emblem Path of Radiance (again)

  • Omori

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