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Narrative conversational game // PC + Mac

"Basements & Bugbears is a short story game about some friends who are pretty sad, probably queer, and certainly nerds. Try to inspire a group of people struggling with their personal bugbears over the course of one last session of B&B. Roll some dice, give some smooches, and slay a dragon."

- Game Description

Basements & Bugbears is Sam Celeste and Sydney Lang's Intermediate Games project.


As a UX researcher, I organized and facilitated playtest sessions for different builds of the game, during which I collected behavioral data. After each test, I compiled the data into usability reports and identified areas of difficulty for the players. I presented this data to the developers and offered potential solutions to the identified problems.

Basements & Bugbears

UX Researcher | USC Intermediate Game Project
January 2018 - July 2018
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Basements & Bugbears is currently available for download on
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