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Bean's Adventure in Swimland

Artist, Sound Designer, Composer | 24-Hour Game Jam
September 2017

2D shooter-bullet hell // PC + Mac

"Your name is Bean Otto, and you are very small. In your hunt for underwater treasure in the magical reef of Swimland, you’re faced with a whole host of giant sea creatures that won’t make collecting treasure e-sea. Shoot your way through schools of fish with your trusty bubble-gun and reap in the spoils!."

- Game Description

Bean's Adventure in Swimland was created during the Makers of Entertaining Games Association's 2017 Newbies n' Vets Game Jam with the theme of "Color". I assisted with the game design and scheduling, and created the scrolling background art. I also composed all of the sound effects and tracks used in the game.


Our group won "Best UI" at the end of the jam.

Bean's Adventure in Swimland is currently available
for download on
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