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Beasts of Maravilla Island

May 2019 - Present
Concept Artist, Contract Illustrator
Banana Bird Studios, LLC.

3D adventure game / Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, XBOX

As a concept artist, I designed 30+ magical creatures and fauna that inhabit the island as well as the player character, Marina. I established the style for the Field Guide, and worked with our director to illustrate its sketches.

As a contract illustrator, I work closely with our director to recreate the game's opening cutscene, comprising of over 35 illustrations.

During the project's Summer 2020 Kickstarter campaign, I assisted the graphic design team to create visually cohesive assets and banners for the campaign page. Nearing the end of development, I also assisted with QA testing and inputting translated text into the Field Guide pages for Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Japanese.

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