Beasts of Maravilla Island

Character + Creature Concept Artist, Illustator  — Nintendo Switch

"A 3D, family-friendly adventure game for the Nintendo Switch where you play as a young wildlife photographer who must, sneak, solve puzzles, and explore the magic jungle in order to discover extraordinary creatures, learn their behaviors, and most importantly, photograph their majesty."


Concept Artist, 3D Modeler — VR Networked Flight-Based Arena Shooter

"Ascend is a first-person VR arena shooter with an immersive flight locomotion system. Rise to greatness by engaging in intense aerial combat!


In the world of Ascend, discover a vibrant dystopia filled with ambitious and scrappy survivors battling for glory through deadly jetpack warfare. Most of humanity has left the Earth for a future in the stars, and those that remain have been driven into visceral combat among one another for the only things they think matter. In the arena, you control your destiny."

Winner of Mashable's "Best of E3 2019" Award

Tiny Trees

Co-Director, Art Lead, Social Media Lead — Board Game

"Tiny Trees is a competitive tree-building board game where the trees you grow branch out of your table and into the third dimension! From creating beautiful trees to maximizing the deep-rooted strategy, you'll be working towards something you can be proud of."

147% Funded on Kickstarter, Summer 2018

Basements and Bugbears

UX Usability Researcher  — Narrative Conversational Game

"Basements & Bugbears is a short story game about some friends who are pretty sad, probably queer, and certainly nerds."

Written in the Stars

Game Designer, Artist — Individual Game Project

"You were walking next to to time with them.

You blinked and...they were gone.

Where are you? Who are you?

Where are you walking? Towards what?


Bean's Adventure in Swimland

24 Hour Game Jam project, Artist, Composer — Unity 2D Game

"Your name is Bean Otto, and you are very small. In your hunt for underwater treasure in the magical reef of Swimland, you’re faced with a whole host of giant sea creatures that won’t make collecting treasure e-sea. Shoot your way through schools of fish with your trusty bubble-gun and reap in the spoils!"

Won "Best UI" Award

Junior Year

Game Designer, 3D Modeler — Unity 3D Game

The game draws inspiration upon the accumulation of restless nights during the junior year of one’s high school career. The player is placed in one such night and is given the objective of getting rest, meanwhile exploring an unclear fantastical environment spawned by the fatigue of the mind in their journey of obtaining sleep.


Done in the duration of 4 days. Final Project for the School of the Art Institute's Early College Program.

Exhibited at Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL. 

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