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Junior Year

Designer, 3D Artist | SAIC Early College Program
July 2016

Junior Year is an experimental game exploring the delusions of one's mind as it accumulates levels of sleep deprivation. I created the game in four days after learning basic Unity and Maya systems. Junior Year was my final project for the School of the Art Institute's 2016 Early College Program Game Design Class.

"Drawing inspiration from the accumulation of restless nights during the junior year of one’s high school career, Junior Year places the player in one such night. Tasked with the objective of getting rest, the player explores an unclear fantasy environment spawned by the fatigue of the mind in their journey of obtaining sleep."

- Game Description

Exhibited at Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, Illinois

Beginning - Midnight
Progression - 1 AM
Continuation - 2 AM
Sleep - 3 AM
Game Walkthrough
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