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experimental, game jams, just for fun :)

paws of fury.png

Paws of Fury

Design Buddies Game Jam | 2020

Background, asset, and character artist

"Alpha dog... or cool cat? It's every animal for itself in this casual couch party 1v1 game. Roll around a slippery living room and grab 'Kachow' airhorns to take out your opponent’s HP (health paws) before they take yours!"

B&B gif2

Basements and Bugbears

Narrative Rhythm Game| 2018

UX Researcher

"Basements & Bugbears is a short story game about some friends who are pretty sad, probably queer, and certainly nerds. Try to inspire a group of people struggling with their personal bugbears over the course of one last session of B&B. Roll some dice, give some smooches, and slay a dragon."


Written in the Stars

2-player Board Game | 2017

Game designer + artist

"You were walking next to to time with them.

You blinked and...they were gone.

Where are you? Who are you?

Where are you walking? Towards what?



Bean's Adventure in Swimland

USC Newsbies + Vets 48 Hour Game Jam | 2017

Background artist and sound designer

"Your name is Bean Otto, and you are very small. In your hunt for underwater treasure in the magical reef of Swimland, you’re faced with a whole host of giant sea creatures that won’t make collecting treasure e-sea. Shoot your way through schools of fish with your trusty bubble-gun and reap in the spoils!"


Junior Year

School of the Art Institute of Chicago | 2016

Game designer and 3D artist

"Drawing inspiration from the accumulation of restless nights during the junior year of one’s high school career, Junior Year places the player in one such night. Tasked with the objective of getting rest, the player explores an unclear fantasy environment spawned by the fatigue of the mind in their journey of obtaining sleep."


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