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an original project by Joanna Yu
The legends of old told of times when the world was at peace.
With worldly balance in place, the great Oracle deemed eight beings guardians of this peace before passing on to their slumber.
Bound in harmony with one another, the spirits lent their power to the land and healed all conflict that would befall it.
These eight were known as the Oracle spirits, great manifestations of nature and kept watch over the peaceful world, eventually succumbing to their own slumber. 
With the calls of war once again ringing throughout the land, the people have little left but to hope for when the spirits and divine Oracle will once again awaken. 
Brynlyn Jace once knew of peace, but the fire changed everything. Leaving few survivors and the mark of a spirit host branded on her hand, the flames had razed everything to the ground and she was outcast as the perpetrator of the catastrophe. Without the aid of a passerby, the wanderer Aster, she would have died. Under his tutelage, Brynlyn learned how to survive, fight, and more about the mysterious mark branded on her and the ancient lore behind it. Her fate unclear, Brynlyn searches the four countries for other bearers of the mark hoping to uncover the reason why the spirits have awakened. 


Gladiolus Sager
Gladiolus Sager

Kind and empathetic, Gladiolus is a soft spoken young man who grew up avoiding trouble at all cost. A recent graduate of university, he seeks to lead a normal life aiding others, but runs into Brynlyn before that can be fulfilled.

Brynlyn Jace
Brynlyn Jace

A young woman carrying a heavy burden, Brynlyn travels trying to find purpose in her life. Fueled by only the unknown fate that befalls her, she lacks faith in the world and the people who seek to taint it with war.

Sylvie Sager
Sylvie Sager

Sylvie is a bright and energetic twelve-year-old with big plans for the future. Skilled in a variety of academic subjects, her wisdom and intellectual prowess rivals that of most grown scientists.

Polo Luxor
Polo Luxor

Polo is a mysterious young man who goes wherever the wind may carry him. Traveling from one city to the next, he keeps only three things close to him: money, alcohol, and his gun.

Aster Ciardha
Aster Ciardha

The one who saved Brynlyn from the brink of death, Astos regards every aspect in life with a critical eye. With little room for nonsense, he is relentless in pursuit of his goals.

Quelm Nasier
Quelm Nasier

A cynical man with a heart of ice, Quelm refrains from jumping into conversations or any social interaction when necessary, carrying with him the secrets remaining unsaid.


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