May 05, 2017

AP Studio Art Concentraion Portfolio

"I view life as a playlist of songs representing different emotions and stages of development. My concentration centers around this embodiment of a reliant connection between music and I. Arranged to match the progression of time, a song may represent a day or even several months. Together, the concentration retells the last eight months in a series of snapshots depicting places I longed to escape to, experiences I wished to see, or personas I dreamed I could be. "

Southside Media

May 05, 2017

Artist, Graphic Designer, Blog Writer


Rock Bridge High School's Nationally Acclaimed Journalism Department. Created art pieces and infographics to accompany stories and editorials, published and maintained a bi-weekly blog series.


- 2nd Place National Best in Show for Online News Site,

- 7th Place National Best in Show for Newspaper Broadsheet, The Rock

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