Co-Lead Director, Lead Artist, Social Media Lead | Independent Board Game
November 2017- Present

Tiny Trees is a competitive tree-building board game where the trees you grow branch out of your table and into the third dimension!

Indiecade 2018 Official Selection

Showcased at Minefaire LA, the USC Games Expo, and Minefaire Houston.

"Tiny Trees is a competitive tree-growing game for 2-4 players where you play as a nature spirit trying to become the next Demigod of Trees! Unlike most board games that lie flat, the trees you grow branch out of your table and into the third dimension! Whether you want to relax and freely grow a tree or focus on the deep-rooted strategy to earn the Favor of the nature gods, you'll be creating something you can be proud of from the moment you open the box. ."

- Game Description

Tiny Trees is the work of Michael Perce and myself. As the sole artist, I designed and illustrated all in-game assets, including 40+ unique hexagonal tiles, the rulebook, and the game box. I also led our social media campaign, and maintained daily updates and posts for over six months.Tiny Trees funded 147% on Kickstarter in Summer 2018. The game was shipped to backers in January 2019. 

Press for Tiny Trees:

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I created all art assets for the game, social media posts, and Kickstarter page.
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