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Written in the Stars

Game Designer, Artist | USC Board Game Project
October 2017 - November 2017

2-Player board game focused on a pair of amnesiac lovers desperately searching for their memories and traversing a starry expanse to reunite.

​"You were walking next to to time with them.

You blinked and...they were gone.

Where are you? Who are you?

Where are you walking? Towards what?


- Game Description

Written in the Stars is an independent project for an Introduction to Game Design course. The assignment goal was to instill a feeling of "frustration" in the player. However, I didn't want "anger" to be a subset of the frustration I wanted to portray.


Greatly inspired by the Japanese animated film Your Name, I designed Written in the Stars to exemplify the anticipation of not being able to be with someone you love, and left the premise open to interpretation in order to relate to each player's life experiences.

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